The Middle East Philatelic Bulletin 10 (Autumn 2018); Neulingen, 2018

Schlagworte: Middle East Philatelic Bulletin

Autoren: Tobias Zywietz


Rainer FuchsA 1924 Share of Beyrouth-Baghdad-Téhéran-Autombile (Eastern Transport Company)
Schlagworte: Irak / Iraq Iran / Persien Libanon

Rainer FuchsA 1928 Dubai Paquebot Cover via Overland Mail to Antwerp?
Schlagworte: Dubai

Avo KaplanianBritish Mandate Postmarks and Registration Labels used in the West Bank of Jordan
Schlagworte: Palästina

Mark SommerDigitisation of Philatelic Knowledge: "Holy Land Postal History" (1979–2017)
Schlagworte: Palästina

Tobias ZywietzEgypt in Palestine: Philatelic Souvenir Covers 1948/1954
Schlagworte: Ägypten Palästina

Vladimír MünzbergerJoss & Löwenstein Perfins Revisted
Schlagworte: Perfins, Lochungen

Tobias ZywietzPress Reports of the 1929 Zeppelin Orient Flight
Schlagworte: Zeppelin

Tobias ZywietzSuspension of Mail Service Israel–Gaza in 2009 An Internal Israel Post Notice
Schlagworte: Israel

Rainer FuchsThe End of the Overland Mail Baghdad–Haifa
Schlagworte: Irak / Iraq Palästina

Bernd-Dieter BusckeThe Late Use of Mandate Postmarks in the West Bank 1948–1950
Schlagworte: Palästina

Dieter LederThe Missing Press Drop of the 1929 Zeppelin Orient Flight
Schlagworte: Zeppelin

Tobias ZywietzThe Oriental Travels of Julius Bolthausen Part 2: More Bolthausen Picture Post Cards
Schlagworte: ### TO DO ###

C. R. B. Eyre Edward Keith-Roach Harry Charles LukeThe Postal Service in Palestine in 1922 including Postage Stamps of Palestine and Trans-Jordania, 1918–1922
Schlagworte: Palästina

Tobias ZywietzThe Raid on the Bethlehem Post Office on 13th September 1938 in Photographs (II) Where is the Disaster Mail?
Schlagworte: Israel Palästina

Tobias ZywietzThe Reply Coupons of Jordan A Research Request
Schlagworte: Jordanien