Muriel Le Roux: Post Offices of Europe. 19th - 21st Century. A Comparative History

Comité pour l'Histoire de la Poste; Paris, 2007

Schlagworte: Postgeschichte

Autoren: Muriel Le Roux


Léonard LaborieA European System for a New Network: The Airmail Service with no Surtax in the 1930s
Schlagworte: Flugpost / Luftpost

Olivier BatailleEuropean influence on postal reform in the 19th century France
Schlagworte: Frankreich

Anne Bretagnolle Nicolas VerdierExpanding the network of postal routes in  France 1708 - 1833
Schlagworte: Frankreich

Armando SerraFor "Archaeology of the Equestrian Postal Services": Cases of Post Houses in  France and Italy
Schlagworte: Fahr- und Reitpost

Bernard AllaireFormal procedures for sending official correspondence to and from Canada during the colonial period (17th to 18th century)
Schlagworte: Canada / Kanada

Marie-Francoise Berneon-CouvenhesFrench Packet Boats: The concession of postal routes to private navigation companies 1835 - 1914
Schlagworte: Frankreich Schiffspost

Andrea GiuntiniFrom Service to Business: A Brief History of Italian Postal Reform
Schlagworte: ### TO DO ###

Jesús Garcia SanchezFrom the Kaiser to Tony Blair: Postal Censorship in Europe
Schlagworte: Zensur

Elisa Le BriandPneumatic Post Networks in Europe
Schlagworte: Rohrpost

Sune Christian PedersenPostal Espionage in the 18th century Denmark
Schlagworte: Dänemark

Benoit OgerPostal Savings Banks in Europe before 1945: A lost opportunity for cooperation
Schlagworte: Postsparkasse / Postscheckdienst / Postbank

Bruno Crevato-SelvaggiResearch Centres for the History of Postal Services: The Italian Case
Schlagworte: Post- und Telekommunikationsmuseen Postgeschichte

Natalia PlatonovaRussian Postal Service in the 18th Century
Schlagworte: Russland

Sébastien RichezSunday mail service in France and Europe: A different view of the role of the post offices from the early 19th century to 1920s
Schlagworte: Frankreich

Iwona WierzchowieckaThe basic premise of a Universal Postage Tax: the 1892 Project
Schlagworte: Weltpostverein / U.P.U.

Olivia LangloisThe English impact on the adoption of a unique tax in France and other European countries
Schlagworte: Tariffe / Postgebühren

Eva RingThe Hungarian Post Office and Travel Narratives in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Schlagworte: Ungarn

Antonio Aquilar PerezThe organization of postal services in the border areas between France and Spain
Schlagworte: Frankreich Spanien / Spanischer Bürgerkrieg

Marie-Cécile ThoralThe Post Office as an instrument of administrative centralization? Ist role in the local administration of Isère from 1800 to 1840
Schlagworte: Frankreich Postgeschichte

Klaus BeyrerThe Revolution of the German Mail Coach System in the early 19th century
Schlagworte: Fahr- und Reitpost

Diane DeBlois Robert Dalton HarrisThe Wiener Rohrpost; A Case Study
Schlagworte: Österreich Rohrpost

Cristina BadonTuscan Postmasters in the 18th Century
Schlagworte: Toskana (Fürstentum)