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Giorgio Migliavacca

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Giorgio Migliavacca: Compendium of the History of the Posts in Italy from the Antiquity to the third millenium.


ohne Ort 2017

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Giorgio Migliavacca: The Post and Courier Service of early modern Italy

ohne Ort 1980

# Vorphilatelie / Altbriefkunde # Italien # Giorgio Migliavacca

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Giorgio Migliavacca : Prisoners of War Censorship Middle East: Recap on Known Censor Labels and a New Discovery
in: The Middle East Philatelic Bulletin 4 (Winter 2016) Neulingen 2016

# Kriegsgefangene II.WK # Zensur

Giorgio Migliavacca : Technique perfected by Turinese Prining Professional used to produce the stamps of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany
in: fil - Italia. The Official Journal of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle VOLUME XL - No. 4 (Whole Number 162) Autumn 2014 St. Thomas 2014

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